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Non-scratching scrubber sponge removes sticky substances from surfaces.
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  • How To Use
    • Wet sponge before using. Never use dry.
    • Wring out excess water before scrubbing.
    • After using, rinse in warm water.
    • To remove watermarks and residue, use with Descaler.
    • For heavy duty cleaning of pots and pans, use with Cleaning Paste.
    • Use with caution on non-stick surfaces.
    • Test on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure sponge will not scratch surface.
    • To clean, place on top rack of dishwasher or hand wash with Dishwashing Liquid.
  • Features & Benefits
    • Sponge is encased in an eco-friendly covering
    • Safe for use on scratch-sensitive surfaces
    • Perfect size and shape for easy gripping/handling—great for getting into corners
    • Pack of two so you can keep one in your kitchen, and have the other one ready for other household jobs
  • Did You Know?
    • Sponges are animals of the phylum Porifera, meaning “pore bearer.” The bodies of these multicellular organisms are full of pores and channels that allow water to circulate through them.
    • Factors such as light, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen and the accumulation of waste products can all influence the growth rate of sponges.